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Geller Products for: Hospitality Cash Registers

This top-of-the-range model has been cleverly designed, using the latest technology to meet virtually all retail needs without the necessity for costly add-ons or extra memory. ML-780's 'system in a box' concept means that virtually all retailing requirements are met by the standard specification, making it remarkable value for money. ML-780 has enough memory for 60,000 product lines or many thousands of accounts - or a combination of the two. Its many powerful features include TCP-IP communications for reporting via the Internet, multi-line operator screen, 2-line alphanumeric customer display (which can be sited remotely), 2-station 58 mm thermal printer, electronic journal and PCMIA flash memory slot for data and program upgrades. The clear, bright, multi-line screen shows items as they are entered together with relevant information, reducing entry and scanning errors. Multi-buy and Mix and Match are included so that discounts can be applied when a certain quantity or combination of items is purchased. Stock control together with individual product re-order levels and suggested purchase quantities are standard features even without linking to PC. Shelf-edge labels for new products or price changes are automatically created and issued on request from ML-780's integral printer. ML-780 works with all industry standard barcode scanners and links to a range of back office and stock control software, in-house or multi-site. ML-780s can be supplied with flat or raised keyboard and can operate stand-alone, linked to each other (Inter Register Communication) or to Geller back office and stock control software.
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