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Geller Products for: Retail Cash Registers

As standard, SX-590 has big system features at the price of a basic ECR. If you choose to add Geller back office software, either now or as your business grows, SX-590 becomes an EPOS terminal.

A 'smart' low cost ECR with advanced security and control features for retail shops. Option of receipt with twin ply rolls. Designed to provide a simple, effective system for smaller businesses, with advanced security and control features, CX-200 is an efficient, economical and exceptionally practical solution. The optional use of twin-ply paper rolls enables automatic receipt issuing, where required. Up to 5 servers can store sales at the same time. Sales can be progressed and advice given to customers without queue build-up at the till. There are many 'built in' security features, such as an alarm which sounds when the cash drawer is left open longer than a pre-programmed period.

Sophisticated, yet simple to use, EX-300 offers 'big system' features for the price of a basic ECR. The EX-300 can be customised to meet the needs of individual retailing businesses. An extremely practical and effective cash control system for retailers, EX-300 incorporates many advanced features to provide security, control and information. EX-300 is highly flexible and simple to use at the point of sale. The fast, clam-shell style printer with separate 44mm Receipt and Audit rolls, means no time-wasting paper jams. 999 Price Look Ups enable pre-pricing of popular items for greater speed and stock control. There are many 'built in' security features. Choose the ones that suit your business requirements. Up to 6 servers can store sales at the same time. Sales can be progressed and advice given to customers without queue build-up at the till.

As a talented, high-speed, stand-alone cash register or as part of an entry-level system, TX-500 combines exceptional performance with advanced security features at a remarkably affordable price. 58mm alphanumeric printer with graphic logo, numeric display and electronic journal. Can link to scanner and/or PC. TX-500 is available with a choice of flat or raised keyboard. Optionally, it can link to a range of low-cost Geller Software Packages, specifically available for use with the TX-500.

Big system features and an attractive, low profile make the SX-580 a seriously smart choice for modern retailers. Alphanumeric front and rear displays, 57mm 'drop and load' alphanumeric receipt/audit printer, with graphic logo. Can link to scanner and/or PC. With space saving, low profile design and option of remote cash drawer, SX-580 is loaded with desirable features at a surprisingly affordable price. SX-580's programme is stored in non-volatile, flash memory, enabling you to select just the options that suit your business. SX-580 is available with a choice of flat or raised keyboard. It can link to back office PC and sales and management software if required. SX-580's memory can hold up to 5,000 sales items as Price Look Ups. You can enter sales manually on the keyboard by registering the Price Look Up number. You can also scan barcoded items for high-speed sales. A range of low cost barcode scanners is available for the SX-580.

The SX-690 combines lower cost with higher performance and longer life. A single SX-690 can operate stand-alone as a complete system. Its integral 2-station thermal printer can produce food orders for the kitchen, drinks orders for the bar, guest check bills for customers and fully itemised receipts after payment.

This top-of-the-range model has been cleverly designed, using the latest technology to meet virtually all retail needs without the necessity for costly add-ons or extra memory. ML-780's 'system in a box' concept means that virtually all retailing requirements are met by the standard specification, making it remarkable value for money. ML-780 has enough memory for 60,000 product lines or many thousands of accounts - or a combination of the two. Its many powerful features include TCP-IP communications for reporting via the Internet, multi-line operator screen, 2-line alphanumeric customer display (which can be sited remotely), 2-station 58 mm thermal printer, electronic journal and PCMIA flash memory slot for data and program upgrades. The clear, bright, multi-line screen shows items as they are entered together with relevant information, reducing entry and scanning errors. Multi-buy and Mix and Match are included so that discounts can be applied when a certain quantity or combination of items is purchased. Stock control together with individual product re-order levels and suggested purchase quantities are standard features even without linking to PC. Shelf-edge labels for new products or price changes are automatically created and issued on request from ML-780's integral printer. ML-780 works with all industry standard barcode scanners and links to a range of back office and stock control software, in-house or multi-site. ML-780s can be supplied with flat or raised keyboard and can operate stand-alone, linked to each other (Inter Register Communication) or to Geller back office and stock control software.

AX-100 is an economically-priced but multi-featured ECR that operates stand-alone to provide a complete system at the point of sale. Double-sided display. Up to 16 Departments. Up to 200 Price Look Ups. Up to 10 Staff by ID Customisable keyboard (any button in any position) Fast, silent 58 mm thermal printer (no ribbon, so print never becomes faint) Automatic paper loading - no jams. Alphanumeric 5-line logo message. Excellent Reports for Management.
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