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Guardatill Products for: Security
Forged Note Detector

When most counterfeit bank notes are placed in the Money Detector they will immediately fluoresce a vivid blue colour. The watermark will be CLEARLY VISIBLE and the metallic strip will be shown on BOTH sides of the note as a CONTINUOUS LINE. Not all counterfeit bank notes will fluoresce, if in doubt, check the watermark, the metallic strip, the print should be very clear with colours well defined.
Slot Box

All metal safe undercounter storage for the excess notes in your cash drawer Why risk keeping too much cash in the cash register drawer. Take away temptation by installing this secure storage for excess bank notes. The Slot Box locks into a metal retaining bracket under the counter. A different key removes the cassette from the Slot Box.
Till Guard

Cash Guard is the simple answer to protect the cash in your cash register drawer. It is a see-through guard which permanently obstructs the opportunist thief from ‘cash grabbing’. It is simple to install, has no running costs and is inexpensive to purchase.
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